If you have ceramic tile and grout, you probably know how hard it is to clean when it really gets dirty.  That’s because the tile, and more so the grout are porous substances.  Dirt can get into the pores and no matter how hard you scrub, sometimes you can’t get it all out.  Many people get down with a toothbrush and try to scrub the dirt out of the grout.  It often works, but it is an extremely hard job.

Now Magic Mist can actually steam clean your ceramic tile and grout.

First we spray with a special pre-conditioner that loosens the dirt from the pores.  Then, we use our big truck-mounted cleaning machine with special tools using high pressure and high heat.  At the same time, these tools vacuum the water and dirt out without splashing.

The results are absolutely amazing!

In many cases, we can make the floors look new again.