Professional Carpet Cleaning

Guaranteed Best Cleaning, Ever!

Carpet Cleaning was the first service offered by Magic Mist in 1973 and it is still one of the most popular of all services that we offer.  For residential carpet cleaning, every carpet manufacturer recommends the truck mounted steam extraction method. It cleans deeper than any other method. However, there are differences between one machine and another. Magic Mist has chosen to use the machines with the most powerful vacuum. The whole idea of carpet cleaning is to dissolve or suspend the soil in the water and then vacuum that water out. It stands to reason that the more water we take out, the more dirt comes out with it. One of our machines is so powerful that we have parked it between two houses and cleaned both at the same time with the same machine without any loss of vacuum power. Drying time will take 2-3 hours and we do recommend limited walking on the carpet during that time. Call us at Magic Mist Cleaning Services in Somerset today.

Professional carpet cleaning we provide in Somerset, Pa, Johnstown, Pa. Greensburg, Pa and surrounding areas.

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