Stain Removal



Most ordinary spots can be removed with our pre-conditioner which we provide and spray on all traffic lanes on every job. Normally this is the strongest chemical that we use and it is rinsed out during the cleaning process so that there is no residue.

Other spots such as: grease, tar, gum, rust, blood, etc, are cleaned with chemicals designed for that specific problem.


 We love our pets, but definitely don't love the stains they may leave. Removal of pet related stains depends a lot on the freshness of those stains. On most carpets, fresh stains disappear without a trace. Older messes may leave discoloration of the fibers, which won't come out with cleaning. We also have a pet deodorizer which neutralizes any odors from these stains. This is an optional and additional service which can be done thoroughly before and after the cleaning. If you have pet problems, please discuss these before cleaning for greater chances of removal.  


 Of course, there are some stains which cannot be removed. We will work as hard as we can on every stain in an attempt to remove it. In most cases, we attempt to remove all stains at the time of cleaning. If there is a dye stain, heat transfer is an additional service and fee.  

 If you have any of these issues, please let us know at the time you make the appointment to be sure that we have the proper tools and chemicals to do this service.